The Gates of Babylon - Chapter 10 - SitaraDawn (2024)

Chapter Text

"These walls are caving in
You're paying for your sins
Over and then again
All weird and lurid lands
The gates are opening
You're melting in the sand."

Disorientation was always a bitch. Waking up, groggy, everything blurry and swimming as you open your eyes, f*ck… It sucked.

Adam groaned as he came to, feeling weighed down by swampy water. Weakly, he made himself sit up.

All around them were the broken remains of the ziggurat and they were floating in the dark water that the tower had been built upon. Adam ran his fingers through his hair, finding that it had grown out quite a bit since the last time he checked, down to his shoulders. Weird.

He looked around and saw his wife floating next to him, the lower half of her body sinking into the stygian lake.

“Lute,” his voice cracked as though he hadn’t used it in years. He rolled over onto his stomach and crawled through the relatively shallow pool, for him anyway, dragging his body through the muck below while trying to keep his head above water.

“Lute, baby,” Adam put his arm under her back and pulled her close to his chest. Unlike in that fabricated world, she wasn’t naked and her face wasn’t beaten to a pulp, but… But she had a gaping wound on her side, an entire chunk of it missing. The wound on her chest was oozing black puss through the fabric of her dress so Adam tugged the material down, exposing more than just the wound.

Golden stitches decorated her skin and the thread around her chest wound was infused with Hellfire. His hand hovered over it, at a loss for what to do.

“C-c’mon, you dumb bitch,” he mumbled quietly, “you— you f*ckin’ found me! You can’t just leave me after finding me again!” Adam put his hand on her face, forcing his curse to move through her. He gasped a little when he found a tiny flicker of life within her.

“Lute! Stay with me, Lute! Don’t you dare f*ckin’ leave me! D-don’t leave our son!” Adam’s lower lip trembled as he felt her life slip further away, “No… Dammit, woman, just listen to your husband for once, would you?! Don’t die! Don’t you dare f*ckin’ die, Lute!”

Tears fell down Adam’s face as his body was wracked with violent sobs, he pressed his face against her chest and cried. He wailed her name over and over, desperately praying for God to spare her, to take him instead, anything!

Adam started bawling; not just crying or sobbing, but bawling like an infant. Thick golden tears fell in globs down his face, dripping onto Lute’s chest. Snot fell out of his nose and drool spilled past his lips from his ugly crying.

A sharp and sudden gasp scared the sh*t outta him when Lute was suddenly moving again. Adam pulled back enough to watch as the infernal corruption from her wound was forced out, breaking the stitching and healing over immediately after. The same thing happened to the wound on her side and thigh.

Then the golden stitching around her body dissolved into the void as she groaned, her head falling against his chest.

“Hey,” Lute gave him a tired smile as she looked up at him, “your hair got longer, heh, I kinda like it…”

She— she was healed! It was a f*cking miracle!

Adam gave her a wobbly grin, “Lute, you found me…” He smoothed back her wet hair and her eyes closed, humming at how nice it felt to have his fingers scratching her scalp, “You’re such a badass, babe,” he let out a tired laugh, “you’re so f*ckin’ nuts.”

Lute chuckled a little, “Yeah, I’ll always find you, sir, but do me a favor and don’t go anywhere for a while,” she reached up and grabbed onto his shoulder, pulling herself up towards his face, her nose grazing his, “just stay…” She leaned in and softly captured Adam’s lips, slowly moving them together.

When she pulled away to smile fondly at him, another aureate tear rolled down his face and fell into the black lake below. The water rippled from the droplet and then the ground cracked on the side of the lake, splitting open and flooding with water. The break in the ground stretched far and wide, the waters transitioning from black to gold as it flowed.

The pair watched as this happened and Adam instinctively knew what it meant.

“It’s my river,” he let out a dry laugh, “Tethys, River of Amelioration,” he uttered quietly, “it can cleanse the wounds made from infernal weapons and…” He gasped a little, “It can restore what once was lost…”

“Wow, how do you know that?” Lute asked him.

“I don’t know,” and he genuinely didn’t, he just knew. “Let's go, Lute,” Adam smiled at her, gathering her in his arms and spreading his wings, “let’s go see our son.”

"Dreaming and lost alone
Far from your mother's home
The madness in your bones
It's boiling in your blood
An endless sky above
These deserts that you roam."

Lucifer smiled at the sight of Adam and Lute doting over their son, watching them through the window from outside of their home in the Wilds. With a sigh, he turned to see Michael descending from the air.

“I believe these are the ones you were looking for, brother,” Michael tossed the shades of Alastor, Vox, and Valentino onto the ground, “once the Tower fell, they ran and hid like cowards!”

Lucifer grinned maliciously at the two souls trembling before him and the one who was giving him a nasty glare, “You three, somehow it’s always you three,” he chuckled darkly, “you done f*cked up, getting involved with that thing. You should know, whatever deal you made with her, she was never going to hold up her end of it.”

Vox actually looked a little surprised by this information, but the others did not.

“Adam may be in charge of the Wilds now, but I am still the King of Hell!” Lucifer’s demonic form flared to life as he got in their faces, “You three have had more than enough chances to better yourselves! Then you went and hurt my friend,” he growled low and dark, practically salivating at what he had in mind for these three, “but don’t worry, you won’t die. You’ll just wish for it. Leviathan!”

In a ripple of water spawning from shadow, the Sin of Envy appeared, giving Lucifer a bow, “My King, how might I assist you?”

Lucifer glared down at the three mortal souls, “You know, I wasn’t actually the first angel to fall,” he patted Leviathan on the shoulder, “this guy fell before humanity even existed! Did some real creepy sh*t that the Big Guy upstairs really frowned upon. I believe you’re familiar with the process?”

Leviathan chuckled sinisterly, “Ah, Andras, his craftsmanship for the dark arts truly leaves much to be desired,” he shook his head, “just because he found my old spell book he thought he could copy my work!”

Lucifer and Leviathan shared a laugh that unnerved the sinners.

“So anyway, the point is, Leviathan here was the only angel around when the Nephilim were wiped out by the Flood,” the king hummed, “so he’s the one who helped me seal those giant assholes into their prison.”

Lucifer nodded at Leviathan and the Sin of Envy tapped his cane on the ground thrice, compelling the three sinners to stand upright. All of them were sweating bullets at how their bodies were manipulated so effortlessly.

“Oh yeah, Leviathan here can influence souls to do his bidding, fun, right?” Lucifer practically giggled, “Now, enjoy your stay in prison with the Nephilim! I’m sure they’ll just love the new company!”

“Wait!” Alastor tried to protest, panic evident in his voice, “Don’t do this!”

“Nah, I’m gonna do it. Don’t worry, I’ll let you out in a few hundred years or so, see how you’re doing. Bye bye now!”

The trio protested even as Leviathan whisked them away to the prison under Pandemonium.

Michael hummed in consideration, “You went easy on them,” she mused, “you’ve grown compassionate in your old age, brother. Even a mere thousand years ago, you would have done truly unspeakable things to those three.”

“Yeah, well, that was a thousand years ago, sister,” he sighed, “anyway, thanks for helping with the Nephilim and, you know, not destroying my Ring in the process.”

“It would have been a shame to come all this way and not be able to use my sword, brother!” She laughed, “Still, while a miracle happened today, that does not mean it will happen the next time. When that time comes, I will not hesitate again, brother,” Michael leaned down, actually frowning at him, “do not think you can continue to hide behind infants, Lucifer,” her glare sent a shiver up Lucifer’s spine, “two hundred years ago you pleaded for my mercy and I gave it, I kept your secret about your daughter not being a true Hellborn. How Lilith snuck onto Earth to give birth, so your daughter was never actually exempt from the exterminations. I even spared your daughter's life in spite of her being an abomination.”

Lucifer ground his teeth together, “We agreed never to speak of that again.”

“True, but this is just a reminder that my mercy for the innocent won’t always be able to protect this kingdom of yours. One day, I will destroy it, brother, I will bring down every Ring and turn your kingdom to ash,” in spite of her words, she smiled at him, “not out of malice, but you know that already.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know.”

Lucifer watched as Michael departed back for Heaven before turning to look at his friends again. His smile came back before he whooshed himself away.

Best to leave the new family alone for now.

In the distance, far away from the couple and their progeny, there stood a lone woman on top of the highest tree in Gehenna. She could see the family from here, just as she could see all things in Hell.

Her gray hair blew in the wind when she removed the head covering and she sighed. Damn. She’d been so close this time.

“Oh well,” she shrugged, her form changing to become taller, slimmer; the small horns on her head disappearing as her hair changed to black along with her clothes. Eyes opened along her gown before sliding off, moving down the tree and scattering across Gehenna.

She looked up to the sky, observing the glow of Heaven.

“You may have one good eye in Hell now, brother, but one day,” she reached up, her blackened hand obscuring the light of Heaven, “your kingdom will be mine.”

She chuckled darkly as her form sank into the tree, a faint red glow illuminating it for the briefest of moments before vanishing completely.

Months later...

“Ow, ow, ow,” Adam repeated with every yank his son gave to his hair, “papa’s hair isn’t a toy, Yaron, ow.” Adam grumbled while Yaron just giggled at him.

“Laugh it up, fuzzball!” Adam chuckled, booping Yaron’s nose lightly. The kid looked like a little lamb now, aside from the long, cat-like tail he had. Adam didn’t notice when his son was born, but apparently the kid had a pair of hooves instead of feet and was now growing fluffy hair on his legs.

No idea where the hooves came from, but Adam had to admit it was adorable.

“Okay, I think it’s time to go see how mama’s doing in the garden, don’t you?” Adam brought Yaron up to his chest and pressed a kiss to his son’s cheek.

He opened up the door to their relatively new abode and looked around for his wife. Adam smiled at the sight of seeing some Hellborn children run around and play; a couple of imps, a hellhound, and a familiar little succubus who stopped in her tracks long enough to wave at him enthusiastically before catching up with her friends.

Adam felt warmth in his chest at how Ianna was doing ever since Lute and he had rescued her.

He looked up at the remnants of the ziggurat that they repurposed into their new home. No, repurposed into a small community, really. Others had started moving here recently, mostly Hellborn.

Lute and he had come back to Gehenna a while ago and found something amazing. All the plants that Adam had seen in the ziggurat had taken root and were thriving here. It took a while, but eventually Adam realized they were plants from Eden.

He doesn’t know how or why they got there, but after discovering that life had taken root in Gehenna, Adam and Lute decided to make this their home instead. This way they could keep Gehenna in check and utilize the Nephilim prison if need be.

All in all though, it had been safe here. The stygian lake had disappeared but Tethys still remained, partially flowing into what used to be the quarry and providing a lovely golden pool for everyone to play in. It was perfectly harmless to most, assuming you didn’t have some form of infernal corruption within you, and was essentially just regular water. It encircled the entire area, protecting them from the Beasts with the help of a golden angelic steel gate, and the whole area was quite large, which is exactly what made finding Lute so damn annoying.

So Adam just wandered around, strolling casually and rocking his son in his arms as he looked around the garden. f*ck, it was so much like Eden that it felt like a dream.

Eventually, he heard giggling in the distance and moved towards it. He saw Carmilla and Lute chuckling at Velvette’s expense as she stubbornly tried to jump up and grab a low hanging apple dangling from a tree branch.

“Are you two bullying Velvette?” Adam surprised them by popping out from behind a bush, grinning as both women let out a startled noise, their wings flaring out and puffing up.

Yup, that’s right.

Their wings.

Carmilla growled in annoyance as she grumbled, “I swear, I’m never going to get used to these things,” she sighed in exasperation, using her hands to force her soft gray and silver wings back into their resting position, “I miss sleeping on my back.”

Carmilla's ascent into angelhood had been shortly after her arrival back to Pride. In spite of the healing Adam did on her, she eventually died from her wounds and manifested in Heaven. Ever since then, she made routine visits to Hell and Adam often liked to tease her about how she really was one of his girls now. Maybe not officially, but he's pretty sure he'll wear her down in a few decades enough that she'll accept it.

Adam emerged from the brush and Lute beamed at the sight of their son, “Hello, sweetie,” she cooed happily, overjoyed that her son giggled and stretched out his arms when he saw her, “come to mama, lamb chop.”

Adam snorted at the nickname as he handed their son to his wife before he walked up to Velvette, plucking the apple from the tree for her. She huffed angrily, pouting at him before swiping the fruit from his hand.

“That was my job!” She stuck her tongue out at him childishly, but Adam was glad for it. The girl had been utterly devastated to learn that the friends she endured so much for had been imprisoned and that the woman (the thing) she made her deal with never had any intention of honoring it.

It was Lute who convinced him to forgive her, to let her stay and earn redemption, even voluntarily taking responsibility for the girl. And if that’s what the love of his life requested of him? How could he deny her? Besides, Velvette still had a lot to repent for. Her stint in Gehenna had changed her, making her more compassionate, but she is also responsible for a lot of suffering that she needed to be held accountable for. Routine trips to Mnemosyne saw to her reflection of her sins, such as the constant abuse she put her employees through and how she crafted a widely used date rape drug.

That had, wow, learning that had really made Adam want to dump her back into Dis. The woman was lucky for Lute's mercy.

Still, it had taken Velvette a while to accept things as they are now.

Although, she did in fact live up to her agreement on making Lute some incredibly gorgeous, and downright sexy, outfits. Such as the yellow-gold and black dress with the absolutely plunging neckline Lute was wearing now. Not only was it sexy, it had the added bonus of Lute being able to easily pop her tit* out to feed their son.

Adam swiped his tongue across his lips, “Say, Carmilla, would you mind taking Yaron back home? Sera’s coming from Heaven for a visit later and he needs to be well rested.”

Carmilla co*cked her brow at him and Velvette snorted.

“Oh, yes, I’m sure that’s exactly why you want to get your wife alone in the garden,” she sassed him, “very well, Father.”

Lute handed Yaron off to Carmilla and she started down the path back to their home with Velvette trailing behind her.

“Eager to get me alone, Daddy?” Lute smirked at Adam flirtatiously, to which Adam responded by grabbing her hips and shoving her back against the tree.

“Things have been hectic lately, liron,” Adam pressed himself against her body, rocking up and down to move his gut against her in the way he knew drove her crazy, “I know you’ve missed getting to worship me,” he told her as he bent down to whisper in her ear, “getting to grope every inch of this smokin’ hot bod…”

“F-f*ck, Daddy…!” Lute whimpered, already worked up just from feeling him rub against her. She put her hands on his hips, giving his love handles a good squeeze, only for him to tut at her.

“Daddy didn’t say you could touch me yet, baby girl,” he teased, loving the way she whimpered when she reluctantly moved her hands away, “you gotta earn your reward from your god, understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Lute pouted a little, “what would you like me to do, sir?” She blushed the cutest shade of pink.

“Take it all off,” he eyed her up and down, “I want to admire what belongs to me.”

Lute shivered and undid the tie behind her neck, letting the straps fall to expose her breasts before lowering the rest to pool at the feet. She stood there, waiting for what was next.

“I said all, bitch,” Adam moved his gaze to her left arm, eyes on her prosthetic, “take that off too.”

Lute chewed on her lip briefly. After all this time she didn’t care to have her arm off, especially in front of Adam. It was one thing when she took it off to sleep, but…

Still, she unlocked it and pulled it from her stump, kneeling to rest it gently on the ground.

“Good girl,” Adam purred approvingly, his hand moving to her shoulder and running a finger down what remained of her arm, “poor thing, it must have hurt so much when your arm was crushed, hm? You never told me why you never regenerated it.”

Lute looked away shyly, “I was punishing myself, sir, for failing you.”

Adam hummed in thought, kissing her shoulder, “Why not grow it back after you found me in the Wilds then? It looked so terrible back then, so painful.”

“I— I don’t know, sir, it got burned in the fall and I guess, I don’t know, I changed after losing it,” she admitted, closing her eyes, “I became a different person and… sh*t, it’s so stupid, it just feels like if I let it grow back then I’d go back to being how I was…”

“Yeah, that is stupid,” he chuckled a little, “you wouldn’t go back to that, Lute, I wouldn’t let you. Still, gotta say, the stump is kinda doin’ it for me,” he winked at her, which got her to blush even deeper, “maybe one day I ought to,” he grabbed her thighs suddenly, squeezing her legs just above her knees, “cut off the rest of your limbs too, hm? Make you into a cute little quadruple amputee.”

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Lute breathed heavily, her legs quaking in Adam’s hands, “s-sir, that’s a bit dark.”

“And yet I can see you leaking from your c*nt already,” he teased her, “I think you like it when Daddy’s a bit dark. I remember how enthusiastic you were in that fake world when I basically raped you, you know,” his hands moved slowly up Lute’s thighs, “then again, it’s not exactly rape if you want it, right?”

Lute whined, her hips bucking from the memory, “Yes, Daddy,” she licked her lips, “I wanted it, I liked it.”

“Yeah you did, you f*ckin’ nasty freak!” Adam slid his hands up to her hips suddenly, giving them a rough squeeze as he pressed his forehead to hers, “But,” he lightened his grip to rub soothing circles on her hip bones instead, “maybe Daddy isn’t in the mood to experiment with that right now,” one of his hands traveled up to her face, his pointer finger lightly grazing her chin, “maybe I feel like being sweet instead. Or maybe I want to be mean.”

The woman groaned, her back scratching against the bark of the tree, “Daddy, please… Please tell me what you want, sir! I’ll gladly do anything for you!”

Adam grinned sad*stically, “On the ground, now,” he ordered, “ass up and back arched.”

Lute obeyed without hesitation and shuddered with relief when she felt the press of Adam’s boot against her skull. It felt right, like it was where she belonged. When Adam ground his boot harder against her, smushing her face into the dirt, she felt her heart overflow with love for her husband, her god.

“Rub your filthy c*nt against the tree, slu*t,” he sneered down at her, his co*ck throbbing as he watched her obey with a humiliated whimper, “that’s right, bet feels uncomfortable with the bark scratching up your sensitive cooch, huh? Not that it’s stopping you from humping it like a bitch in heat.”

Lute groaned lustfully at the put-down, humiliation coloring her cheeks further, “Yes, sir,” she murmured, licking her suddenly dry lips, “is- is there another way I can serve you, my god?”

Adam smirked at her, “Sit up, let me see those udders you’re hiding,” he took his foot off of her head and waited for her to do what he commanded. She sat up and tucked her right arm under her swollen breasts, presenting them to her husband.

They were heavy and leaking milk. As they had discovered (happily, on Adam’s part), Lute produced an excessive amount of breast milk. Far more than what their son needed. So obviously, Adam gleefully indulged in the delicious fluid himself.

“Oh no, you poor thing!” Adam declared almost mockingly, never taking his eyes off of her heaving tit*, “You look like you’re about to burst, babe! Don’t you worry,” he grabbed her chin and gave her a peck on the lips, “Daddy knows just what to do.”

Adam snapped his fingers and suddenly a pail was there; a plain metal bucket, the likes of which Lute had seen plenty of times on farms.

“Get on all fours— err, threes, like a good little cow.”

“Eep!” Lute squeaked, utterly flabbergasted at the words that just came out of his mouth. Cow?! Was he actually intending to— to—!?

“All threes,” Adam repeated in a no nonsense tone, to which Lute was helpless to resist, “that’s a good girl.”

Adam placed the bucket directly under her dangling breasts and Lute found her arm and legs shaking. Of all the ways Adam had debased her before, this was a new one. Was he really going to treat her like livestock?!

Yes, obviously, because of course Adam would bully her like that.

The first gentle squeeze of her tit* by his long and nimble fingers made her body jolt. Adam kept even pressure along her breasts as he stroked his hands downwards towards her nipples. Once there, he squeezed and she felt the milk stream out of her, pouring into the pail below.

Lute’s mouth fell open, utterly mortified at how good this was feeling. Her breasts got much needed relief from the pressure and feeling Adam’s hands expertly milk her made her puss* twitch.

“I hope you know I’m going to keep your mommy milkers nice and full for years, angel tit*,” Adam grinned toothily at her, “even after our sweet little boy doesn’t need mommy’s milk anymore, Daddy’s gonna drink every last drop you have to offer. Hell, maybe I’ll never let you stop producing milk! That way I can have your delicious milk all to myself!”

Lute moaned, low and deep, at the very idea that she’d have to live forever with constantly feeling like her tit* were going to burst. sh*t, why was it making her puss* leak and ache with need?! God, she was so f*cked up that this turned her on.

“Sir, I…!”

“Cows don’t speak, bitch!” Adam snapped in his authoritative voice, giving her breasts a harsh squeeze that sent her milk gushing from her teat with more force.

Lute immediately clamped her mouth shut and her body went rigid. She physically couldn’t resist Adam when he used that voice on her; a fact that he could easily exploit far more often than he chose to.

“Not unless you want to ‘moo’ for me, that is,” he said with a sinister chuckle, laced with something darkly erotic, “go on, give me a good ‘moo’, angel tit*.”

To emphasize his point, he gave one of her boobs a solid slap, making her squeak.

Lute didn’t think she could get anymore embarrassed than she already was; that her face couldn’t possibly get any redder, but it did. Adam had this ability to constantly surprise people by getting under their skin and she was no exception to that. Hell, that’s how they ended up together in the first place!

The man acted like more of an idiot than he actually was, which always meant people underestimated him, and unfortunately Lute continued to do exactly that even though she knew better. Adam knew exactly what to do to make her squirm and knew she was helpless against him.

So obviously it was damn stupid of her to not do what he wanted.

Lute stubbornly kept her mouth shut.

Tsking with annoyance, Adam gave her boobs another hard slap, “I gave you an order, slu*t,” he growled, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back to look her in the eye, “you know what the punishment is for disobedience, you stupid cow.”

Her eyes went wide and her breath hitched, a twinge of fear behind her golden eyes, tiny little tears forming. Adam’s punishments, the real ones, not the fun ones, were something she absolutely could not endure!

Kneeling on rice while having to write out his next sermon, which he’d be dictating to her?! Last time that happened, it took nearly an entire day to get through and it had broken her in a way she didn’t think was possible! All the writing and editing and then Adam going ‘on second thought, scrap that, we’re starting over’ when they were almost done?!

She’s not sure she ever psychologically recovered from that…

“M-mmm— moo…” Lute finally responded and Adam’s lips curved up into a satisfied smile.

“Aw, you can do better than that, cow,” he taunted her, giving her breast a gentle squeeze with his free hand, “at least try to sound convincing, babe.”

Lute whimpered as her tears fell, “Mmmmmoooo!” She forced out with a sob, wishing she could bury her head in the ground for the next few hundred years. Still, it was good enough for Adam and he rewarded her with an affectionate kiss to her forehead.

“Good cow,” he praised her, releasing her soft white hair before giving her scalp a gentle scratch to soothe where the strands had tugged, “now Daddy’s gonna give you a reward,” Adam willed all of his shadows away, leaving him just as naked as her, moving behind his wife to caress her ass teasingly, “f*ck, I wish I got to do this to you while you were pregnant,” he huffed, lining his co*ck up with Lute’s entrance, “guess I better knock you up again!”

Adam slammed home in one swift thrust, knocking the air from Lute’s lungs. He gripped her breasts for leverage and started pounding away into her c*nt. The strangled noises that left her was music to his ears!

He squeezed her tit*, spraying milk into the pail while never faltering in his thrusts. Lute whined as her body was used by her husband; her brain going blissfully numb from the pleasure of being filled and pounded into.

“My little breeding cow,” Adam purred into her ear, slowing his thrusts but slamming harder into her each time, “this is what you were made for. To be a good set of holes for your husband, popping out a bunch of kids, not a thought or worry in your pretty little head,” he kissed her temple lovingly with a chuckle, “hmm, I really could take your other arm and your legs, you know, maybe bind your wings, and lock you away.”

Her breath caught in her throat from the mental image, her puss* squeezing around the girth inside of her.

“Keep you as my dirty little secret, just breeding you every night, being my own personal baby factory,” Adam growled lustfully, rubbing her tit* harder, “you’d be my little pet cow.”

Lute whined, high-pitched and needy, struggling to keep her mouth shut.

“Eventually, even giving birth will make you cum, you sick little freak.”

Lute squeaked as her org*sm hit her, cumming around Adam’s co*ck with a low groan followed by a whimper. f*ck, she really was a sick freak! Who c*ms from something like that?!

“Aw, my little cow,” Adam chuckled, giving her tit a good slap, “you’re such a slu*t!”

Adam grabbed onto her hips and started jackhammering into her puss*, turning Lute into a sobbing and drooling mess. His balls slapped against her cl*t with each thrust and Lute could feel warmth pooling in her belly. Her legs spread wider involuntarily, lowering her hips closer to the ground.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Adam f*cked her stupid.

She whimpered when she felt the heat in her belly flow out of her, pissing from the sheer pleasure of being filled and feeling Adam’s heavy balls beating against her cl*t. Fuuuck, it felt so good to relieve herself while being pounded within an inch of her life by Adam’s huge dick!

“f*ck, that’s hot,” Adam panted, slapping her ass, “I wasn’t even into piss before you, slu*t,” he slapped her ass again, “but damn, you look so hot when you piss. You just feel so f*cking good that you lose control of your bladder, don’t you? Moo for me when you respond.”

“M-mooo!” Lute responded enthusiastically, unashamed now, flying high as a kite thanks to Adam’s glorious dick and balls unraveling her completely.

“Tighten up for me!” Adam barked, spanking her again, making her squeeze harder around him, “I’m close, baby, you want me to breed you nice and deep?”

“Moo! Mooooo!” Lute cried eagerly, salivating with need.

“f*ck, you’re the best, bitch,” Adam flushed his hips against her ass as his balls drew up, forcing his seed to spill deep within her, gushing against her cervix. Lute whimpered, cumming from having her c*nt filled with her husband’s seed.

Adam grunted, making sure to pump every last drop of his cum in Lute’s used up puss*.

“Holy f*ck!” Adam breathed out a laugh, reeling from the high of dominance that he needed to exert, “Go ahead and eat, babe.”

Lute obeyed on autopilot, her eyes turning black as she inhaled the excess magic Adam sloughed off in the wake of his emotional release. It settled around them like puffs of smoke and she devoured it all, sighing contentedly after. Now she was full of both her husband’s cum and his magic, stuffed like a damn turkey. Ah, she was the luckiest woman ever…

Adam pulled out and didn’t move to stop it when Lute fell to the side, exhausted.

Instead, the man grabbed the pail and whistled, impressed by the amount of milk inside. He threw a smirk at Lute and immediately started chugging it.

Lute squealed, crawling over to her husband with a pleading look, her face a lovely shade of scarlet and looking like she was on the verge of tears again.

“Aw, embarrassed that Daddy loves your milk so much?” He teased her.

Lute opened her mouth but thought better of it, immediately closing her lips and looking away. Little tears rolled down her cheeks.

Adam frowned a little, lowering the bucket. He sat it down in the grass and sat next to it, patting his belly, “Come to Daddy, baby girl.”

Lute crawled over and planted her face into Adam’s belly, hugging as much of him as she could, immediately crying once she felt safe. Adam patted her head and back to comfort her. He felt a touch of regret.

Perhaps he took it a little too far with the teasing this time…

“Shh, it’s okay,” he whispered to her, “my baby girl, you did so good for Daddy,” he praised her as he held her closely, “now you can touch me as much as you want and can use your words, okay?” He kept his voice soft and soothing as he moved his hand along her wings, gently stroking them.

“Daddy!” Lute wailed, sobbing against Adam’s stomach, “I’m so embarrassed, sir!”

“I know, I know, but it’s okay now. You’re just worked up, sweetheart,” Adam hummed and scratched her scalp gently, curling his wings around her, “but you did amazing and it was so f*ckin’ hot, babe! I came so f*ckin’ hard because of how sexy you are, Lute!”

Lute sniffled, raising her head up just enough to look at Adam, “I- I was really that sexy?”

“f*ck yeah!” Adam replied enthusiastically, “As a matter of fact, you did such a great job, Daddy’s gonna let you have another reward. Anything you want, just name it!”

Lute rubbed her face against Adam’s belly, “Um, our anniversary is coming up soon,” she blushed deeply, “could we maybe use our demon disguises again and go back to that club?”

Adam felt his face heat up at the idea, “Aw, sweetheart,” he grabbed Lute’s shoulders and pulled her up so he could softly kiss her lips, “Daddy would be happy to oblige you.”

She smiled at him, lovestruck and dopey, her tail swishing around in joy, “Thank you, sir,” she told him as she buried her face in his stomach again, taking advantage of her reward to touch Adam’s body as much as she wanted. Her wandering hand squeezing and groping Adam’s love handles as she nuzzled her face into his large belly.

Damn, he was so soft, she just wanted to curl up like a cat and sleep on his stomach!

“You’re purring, babe,” Adam tried and failed to stifle his laugh, his hand resting at the base of one of her horns and rubbing where it came out of her skull. Lute moaned, her body turning into jelly, which amused Adam to no end, “Like full blown cat purring, it’s f*ckin’ adorable.”

Lute blushed a little but the rumbling in her chest never stopped; she was just too content to be curled up with Adam like this. So she just hummed, not responding to his teasing.

“Hey, Lute, there’s something I remembered lately that’s been on my mind,” he began, to which she responded with a sleepy hum of acknowledgment, “I’d forgotten about it, but many years ago, after I broke up with Lorelei, I started hearing the prayers of children. Wild, right? It was like a nonstop migraine, so I started sneaking down to Earth to see what I could do,” he sighed heavily, “I was never able to do much, but I remembered that I visited you once.”

Adam paused when Lute’s purring stopped.

“You were on the floor, curled into a ball, shivering from the cold,” he moved his hand to the back of her neck, massaging the base of her skull, “and praying for death. I promised to find you when you got to Heaven, but I’d forgotten all about promising that. Still, I ended up finding you anyway. f*ckin’ crazy, isn’t it?”

Lute chuckled against him, “No, not crazy, sir,” she looked up at him, a warm smile on her lips, “it just means you were always my angel.”

Adam’s face went red, his wings flexing where they rested around Lute’s body, “sh*t, you look extra pretty right now, baby.”

“Back at you, Daddy,” she winked at him, nuzzling her face against his plump body, “I love you, Adam.”

Warmth flowed through Adam’s body at her words. He gathered her up in his arms and leaned back against a tree, pressing Lute’s head against his chest as he hummed a little. He felt the gentle breeze blow, rustling the trees and grass. It reminded him so much of Eden, but better, somehow.

Maybe because he had a batsh*t insane wife who was willing to go into the depths of Hell for him. No one but Lute had ever loved him so much. He wasn’t ever going to leave her side again because of it.

Anything he needed to do, he’d do it with Lute by his side, even if it was dangerous.

They needed each other and were stronger together.

He’d never make her have to look for him ever again. He’d keep her pressed against his side, right where she belonged, forever.

“I love you too, Lute,” Adam let out a contented sigh, kissing Lute’s forehead softly, “thanks for sticking by me, for real.”

Lute yawned sleepily, “Of course, sir, I’m your wife.”

Adam closed his eyes and smiled, draping his wings around Lute’s form in both a comforting and protective gesture. Lute’s tail wrapped around his leg almost possessively and it made Adam feel treasured by his wife.

He had a wife, a son, his own neo-Eden, and he was happy.

Truly happy.

"What planet are you on? What constellation?
You're floating like a ghost, out here in the unknown
What planet are you on? Cosmic phenomenon
Stars by the millions
Oh, holy golden sun."

Two hundred years later...

Adam lounged on his throne. It was made of the black ore that had now been rendered inert. It was spacious, designed to accommodate both himself and his wife.

Though, right now, the woman was sitting on the floor, her head laying against his thigh while he lovingly stroked her hair. He yawned and fiddled with the thin, delicate, golden chain that threaded through his fingers. It was attached to his left wrist and led to a thin golden collar that now adorned Lute’s neck.

Their wedding rings, of sorts. Lute had insisted that her sword was enough, but Adam wanted something more symbolic of how they owned each other after a sinner got too handsy with Lute. This way, Adam could always keep his wife by his side where she belonged.

Ha, of course it wasn’t literal. They couldn’t be attached all the time, but being seen walking around like this made it clear that Lute belonged to him and him alone.

“You don’t have to sit on the floor, you know,” Adam told her as he played with her hair, “I mean, it’s sexy as f*ck, especially in that outfit, but you don’t have to.”

The outfit in question was a skimpy little number with black fabric circled around her neck, covering her breasts, and tying around the back just under her wings. A gold chain dangled between the straps of fabric in front of her breasts. The lower half consisted of a long loincloth, also black, that settled on her hips. It had a gold metal oval surrounding an obsidian jewel on the belt, for decoration, that connected to thin gold chains that went over the sides of her thighs to connect to the back of the belt.

In other words, hella sexy. Especially since she refused to wear underwear. One strong breeze and everyone would see her goods!

“I like to, sir,” Lute insisted, “and it’s more imposing, don’t you think? People come in and see you’ve got me kneeling at your feet,” she smirked up at him, “like ‘oh f*ck if this is how he treats his wife, then what’s he going to do to us?’, that kinda thing,” her tail flicked around a little, “I know you love to make a good first impression on the new arrivals.”

Adam gave her a smug grin, yanking on the chain to pull her closer to his face as he leaned down, “I f*ckin’ love you, you know that?”

Lute chuckled, “Yeah, I know,” she kissed his lips, cupping his face with her hands, “now put on your game face, sir, the new arrivals will be here any moment.”

Adam sighed lovingly, kissing his wife one final time before allowing his shadows to cover his face. As Lute had said, the new arrivals were ushered in shortly after.

“Lord Belial, Lady Rosier,” Velvette opened up the large door to the throne room, poking her head in, “the new sinners are here.”

Adam motioned for Velvette to lead them in and she did so. Two of his girls flanked the sinners, using their polearms to force them inside.

“Sinners!” Adam spread his arms wide, a sharp and menacing grin on his face, “Welcome to the Ring of Vainglory! City of Babylon, in the heart of Gehenna!” He stood, walking closer to the sinners, putting the chain that connected him and his wife on display, “I am Lord Belial, Lord of Vainglory and Demon of Perdition, and this,” he gestured to Lute, who was now leaning on the throne while remaining on the floor, “is my wife, Lady Rosier, Lady of Idolatry and Demoness of Love!”

Lute waved at them, a knowing smirk on her face when she saw one of the sinners eyeing her lustfully. The fool.

“And youuuuuu,” Adam was suddenly in front of the sinner's face, the chain connecting Adam to Lute elongated to accommodate the sudden distance, as well as the change in his size as he grew to intimidate the other man, “are losing an eye!”

Adam jabbed his thumb into the sinner’s left eye, holding it there as the sinner screamed in agonizing pain. The other sinners watched in horror while Adam just grinned until dropping the man to the floor.

“Ha ha, you don’t know the rules, so I went easy on you, my son!” Adam explained, yanking the man up to his feet, “So let me make one thing abundantly clear,” his shadows flared up as a third eye appeared on his forehead and his wings spread out to display two more sets of eyes, “nobody touches my wife. Nobody will look at my wife with desire, not without my permission, anyway. It’s the worst f*cking sin you can commit in my domain,” he chuckled darkly, “consider this your only warning.”

And just like that, Adam shifted back to normal, terrifying the sinners with the suddenness of it.

“Anyway! So, Velvette, tell me who we have here,” Adam put his hands on his hips, eyeing the five sinners.

“Serial rapist on Earth,” Velvette pointed at the guy who just lost an eye, “raped and killed imps and succubi, along with other sinners.”

“Murdered her kid,” Velvette pointed at a timid looking woman, “and some Hellborn children from Cannibal Town. Rosie’s pissed about that, by the way.”

“Animal cruelty, tortured and killed small animals and sick sh*t like that,” she pointed to a sinner who had gray rabbit ears and other rabbit-like features, “and… Ew,” Velvette shot the sinner a disgusted look, “the sick bastard, er, fornicated with them, sir. Did the same to some hellhounds too.”

Adam’s eye twitched as Velvette continued to read from the list.

“Last two are siblings, twins. Spree killers on Earth,” she huffed, shaking her head, “and dealmakers in Hell. They’ve been exploiting sinners who’ve made contracts with them.”

“I see…” Adam leaned in close to the siblings, a man and a woman, noticing that they were literally attached to each other, almost like they had been fused together, “It’s public knowledge, even for newcomers, that owning souls is forbidden, as ordained by Princess Charlotte Morningstar, Lady of Redemption, and supported by yours truly.”

Adam reached out with both hands, his fingers twitching, “Now what would possess you two to do something so foolish?”

He plunged his hands into their bodies suddenly, causing them both to scream in pain. He poked around, seeing their lives, their unique relationship that spawned from their peers isolating them. Lots of bullying, their parents rejecting them, having to resort to crime. Then the first kill; an accident at first, but they both liked it. So they kept killing and killing, eventually torturing, before finally being killed by one of their would-be victims shooting them in their heads during a home invasion.

Adam removed his hands and cackled, “Holy sh*t! Ha ha! What a couple of losers! Well, at least you have each other!” He grinned, “And look at this,” he gestured to the other three, “you get to have friends now, isn’t that nice?”

The siblings were cowering on the floor, clinging to each other in fear as Adam summoned his ax.

“Thing is, I’m gonna need you two to release those souls, m’kay?”

Of course they both did so immediately. After that, Adam explained the rules of Perdition.

“Dump them all into Dis for a while, babes,” he winked at two of his girls standing guard, “I think spending some time, a few years, in the colosseum will soften them up a bit. You guys should consider yourselves lucky, Dis used to be a major sh*thole before I threw the last lord running it into the River of Lamentation! Now it’s just a cesspit! Ha!” He laughed cruelly at their expense, but they all had it coming.

Adam decided that Andras hadn’t been completely wrong about actively punishing the wicked. The filthy souls Adam kept in Gehenna needed more extreme punishment, which made them perfect for Chitarra, the new Lord of Dis, to deal with. The woman had never fully recovered from what Andras put her through, so Adam found her a new purpose. Someone needed to keep the Furies in check since they’d run amok without a master, making Chitarra perfect for the role since the three Furies had adored her in their previous life.

It wasn’t ideal and Adam wasn’t satisfied to lose one of his first girls to Andras’ brainwashing but, given the circ*mstances, this was the best he could do. Perhaps one day he’d find a better solution.

“After that, we’ll see how you guys are doing,” he explained, “so be sure to work hard and repent, okay?”

The sinners were escorted away after that and Adam sighed heavily, his grin falling. Sometimes it felt like no matter what he did, his children just kept finding new ways to disappoint him.

He felt the chain tug him back towards the throne, turning to see Lute smiling coyly at him, beckoning him closer. Well, how could he resist an invitation like that?

Adam let Lute pull him towards her, a seductive look on her face. sh*t, stabbing that guy's eye out probably got her soaked. Hot damn, he loved this freaky bitch.

When he finally reached her, he picked her up and sat down, having her straddle his lap. Her tail flicked around happily as she leaned in and kissed him, moaning when Adam slipped her tongue past her uvula and down her throat. She gagged around the intrusion briefly before relaxing into it.

Lute moaned deeply when he started thrusting his tongue back and forth. f*ck, she loved this. Adam was so f*cking sexy defending her honor like that.

Adam grabbed her ass roughly and gave it a hard squeeze, making her yelp into his mouth. Oh, what a man. He grinned against her lips and she felt Adam graze his fingertips teasingly over her asshole, making her body jump from the foreign sensation. He chuckled when she whined though, dipping his fingers lower to gently pet her soft folds.

Lute purred in response, moving her hands to his horns and rubbing both of them. Adam moaned, his tongue slipping out of her throat and parting from her lips.

“God, I need to be balls deep in your puss* right now, babe,” he groaned, putting his hands on the straps of fabric around her chest, shoving them apart to expose her breasts, “f*ck you’re sexy. Show me the goods, slu*t.”

Lute leaned back to sit on her knees, raising up the loincloth on her front to show her husband her wet and dripping puss*. Lute’s tail moved to the front, the tip of it lightly teasing her folds just to give him a show.

“So eager,” Adam chuckled, licking his lips, “you wanna service your god, little girl? You think your filthy puss* is worthy to wrap around the original dick?”

“Ah!” The words stung and Lute bit her lip, feeling herself leaking even more, “My filthy puss* isn’t worthy, my god, but please allow me to service you with it,” she panted, putting her hands on Adam’s shoulders, lowering her hips eagerly, “I exist to serve you, my god.”

Adam groaned deeply, his dick twitching as he grabbed her hips and lowered her further, her puss* disappearing into his shadows. The head of his co*ck teased her lips, barely breeching her.

That’s when the doors to the throne room slammed open and Adam immediately pressed Lute against his body when he saw who barged in.

“Mama! Papa!” Yaron shouted excitedly, “I’m back from Greed!”

Adam and Lute were both sweating bullets at the sight of their adult son suddenly returning home.

“Son!” Adam laughed awkwardly, “You didn’t call first, I thought we talked about that…”

“Hey, lamb chop,” Lute let out a nervous chuckle, trying hard not to move, “um, h-how was Greed?”

Yaron didn’t reply, instead he just stared at his parents knowingly, a mean grin stretching across his face, “Oh, I’ll tell you later, mama,” he eyed the both of them up and down, “you and papa are obviously busy.”

Adam’s face went bright gold, obscuring his face and eyes, while Lute squealed and hid her face in Adam’s chest.

G-get outta here, you little sh*t! Adam screamed, using his shadows to force their son out of the room and slam the doors behind him.

“f*ck, he’s such a little asshole!” Adam huffed as he started to calm down, “Where the Hell did he learn— ah, wait a minute, we’re in Hell. Never mind. Ugh.”

“Well, at least he’s a good boy,” Lute smiled a little against Adam’s chest, “even if he is crude like his father.”

“Bitch, please! As if you’re not just as crude! The kid never had a chance,” he snorted, “anyway, my boner’s gone.”

“And I’m all dried up.”

“Guess we‘ll continue this later tonight,” Adam chuckled, softly kissing his wife, “my joyous song.”

Lute kissed his forehead sweetly, “I’ll hold you to it, Daddy.”

The pair left the throne room and found Yaron chatting up one of the succubus girls; and he was laying it on pretty thick if her giggling was anything to go bye. Lute rolled her eyes at the display.

“Just like his father,” she scoffed, “forever a ladies man.”

Adam chuckled, putting his hands on her shoulders, “Only until he finds the right lady, babe,” he winked at her, kissing her cheek.

“He looks and acts so much like you,” she mused, staring at her son. He was just a hair shorter than Adam and looked almost identical in the face, although he did have Lute’s eye shape. Yaron’s horns were a combination of both of theirs, rolling under like Lute’s did but were angled sharper instead of a smooth curve, then the tips of them were gold. His wings were exactly like Adam’s, the back parts being black and the insides being gold. His body had a little extra chub, but otherwise he was athletic looking. He shared in his mother’s desire to stay somewhat fit, especially after his trip to Wrath last year.

Really, the only obvious trait marking him as Lute’s son was the dark brown and black tail that was swishing around right now.

Otherwise, he was the spitting image of Adam in his younger days.

Well, aside from the hooves. Those remained an eternal mystery but Lute figured it was just Adam’s lamb traits manifesting differently in their son.

The succubus eventually left and the pair were finally able to greet their son properly. Adam brought him in for a bear hug first, then Lute jumped into Yaron’s arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. She gave him a kiss on his cheek, to which he blushed in response.

“Mama, I’m not a baby anymore, come on,” Yaron grumbled, but Lute just nuzzled against her son's jaw and held onto him tightly.

She’d missed him so much ever since he decided he wanted to explore the Rings of Hell a few years back. He visited home in between each Ring, but she missed him being here all the time. Ever since the day he was born, with everything that happened, she feared losing him just as much as she feared losing Adam.

The difference was that Adam hadn’t left her side in two hundred years whereas Yaron did.

All she could really do was demand that Yaron check in with the other Sins.

“You’re my baby,” Lute insisted with a pout, “and you always will be, lamb chop.”

He blushed even deeper, grumbling something she couldn’t make out. Lute supposed that was one personality trait he got from her: He was easily embarrassed and flustered. God forbid a woman ever come onto him because he’d freak out and turn into a blushing mess.

It was actually really adorable.

“Okay, but like, you’re basically half naked, mama,” Yaron pointed out, “it’s a little awkward for me.”

“You heard the man, danger tit*,” Adam chuckled and scooped Lute up by her armpits, effortlessly moving her onto his back instead, letting her settle in between his wings, “besides, I’m the only man you should be crawling all over.”

“Ugh, don’t be gross, papa,” Yaron rolled his eyes, “anyway, I’ll be sticking around for a while! Hope that’s okay.” He was a bit tense when he said that, like something was bothering him.

The couple exchanged a surprised look before smiling at their boy. Adam grabbed his wrist and pulled him in for a family group hug.

“Of course it’s okay, Yaron,” Adam whispered, using his curse to settle whatever nerves the boy had and sensing his heart was a bit troubled. They would discuss it later, when Yaron was ready, “We love you more than anything,” he pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead, “welcome home, son. Stay as long as you need to.”

“Or stay forever,” Lute added, which got a laugh from Yaron.

“Hey, let’s all go for a walk in the garden like when you were a kid,” Adam proposed, pinching Yaron’s cheek lightly, “we’ll pick some fruit for dinner.”

Yaron rolled his eyes but he let his father take him by the hand anyway, leading them all into the lush garden.

All of them truly felt at home.

"To the Gates of Babylon."

The Gates of Babylon - Chapter 10 - SitaraDawn (2024)


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